Smart Heating Control

A smart heating control is an advanced control system for commercial and residential central heating which connect to the internet, it works similarly to a normal thermostat but it allows you to access and adjust remotely the settings of your heating system, it gives you much greater control using your Smartphone. This means that using an accompanying smart thermostat app you’ll be able to turn up or down the heat using a Smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world.
Smart heating controls have the aim to help you to save money while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house by managing your heating more efficiently. With a smart heating control you can remotely change the heating setting; you can turn them on or off when you are not home, it gives you the option to be more flexible with your heating settings if it turns out you will be home sooner or later than you thought.
The idea behind making your home’s climate controls smart isn’t just to make it connected to the internet for more accessible control, but to save money and help the environment too.

The main benefits of heating controls are:

• You’ll reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.
• You could save money on your heating bills by installing and using your controls efficiently.
• You can schedule your heating and hot water to go on and off when needed.
• You can select areas of your home to heat and the required temperature for each room, rather than heating a whole house at the same temperature, to avoid wasting energy by heating un-used rooms.
• You can upgrade or install heating controls without replacing your boiler.
• Remote access to turn your heating on and off.
• Memory to remember your routine energy use.