The Smart Home

Smart homes hold the potential for increasing energy efficiency, decreasing costs of energy use, decreasing the carbon footprint by including renewable resources, and transforming the role of the occupant.The core of the smart home is an efficient electric energy management system enabled by emerging technologies in the consumer electronics.
The Smart Home is the latest trend, promising to link all the devices in your residence together in a flexible, customizable and clever integration.
A Smart Home utilises the latest wireless technology with sophisticated sensors to save you money on your energy bills, and centralise your home with a modern control system generally consisting of switches and sensors connected to a central hub from which the system is controlled with a user interface that is interacted either with a wall-mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface, often but not always via internet cloud services.
A Smart Home connects devices such as a Smart TV that is a TV which has built-in Internet connectivity; it allows accessing a world of entertainment by connecting the internet straight from your TV, receiving services which include video on demand, social networking and instant messaging. Some TVs even have a fully featured web browser which allows access to most websites.
Smart thermostats that learn your habits and adjust it automatically, reducing energy waste and create custom schedules to suit your household.
Smart Meters is a gas or electricity meter that sends your meter readings electronically to your utility supplier using a wireless network.
Create ambience with a range of Smart Lightingwhich includes a range of bulbs, lamps and more that will illuminate your home, providing extra security when you're not in.
Smart Home Appliances that use Wi-Fi for remote control and monitoring of household durable such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers and other automatic solutions that are part of our daily life.
Smart Entry and Security System that have indoor/outdoor cameras and door detectors which checks who's at the door or get notified if there's movement in the living room, turns all lights off, locks doors, closes windows, shuts garage doors with a range of Smart Home Cameras & CCTV that have facial recognition, so they'll know the people that come into your home a lot, and if there's someone in your property that they don't recognise, and then you'll be alerted.