Smart Lighting

Clever lights involve all sorts of smart features, they don’t just offer a clever way to control your lights on or off every day, they can play an essential part in creating an ambience in a room. Some smart lighting solutions enable you picking the colour and brightness you want to recreate the colours within a particular image creating a mood in a room.
The Smart Lighting uses Bluetooth or wireless technology that allows you to use your Smartphone to switch the LED bulbs on and off not only from your sofa but you will be able to control, schedule and fully dim them from anywhere you are. You can set routines based on your usual daily activities turning lights on or off by location when you're on holiday make it look like someone is home to deter unwanted visitors.
Some Smart Lighting System has a wake-up feature allowing you to wake up naturally each morning with automatically increasing the lighting to simulate a sunrise.
Other Smart Lighting System has features which include a call alert mode, in which the light can notify you of an incoming call, synchronisation with your music or to know wherever you are nearby.
Other Smart Homes is not just about lighting, it's about controlling your entire home whether that be heating, electricity or lighting. It's a clever system to say the least and all it requires you to do is swap your sockets and switches units that offer push-buttons and LED indicators.
Once you have installed the system, you use the switches and plugs as normal but you get the additional functionality of being able to remotely control and monitor your lighting, power and energy usage from an internet-enabled device.