Effortless Energy

When you try to find the best deal for your personal gas and electricity needs you’ll found there are a multitude of tariffs with lots of different discounts and loyalty bonuses, which are difficult to understand. Effortless energy set about trying to understand the energy supplier industry and what exactly is involved with setting up a small company with the idea of offering a service to friends and family at a competitive price as they were frustrated and confused by the big 6 energy companies.
It became clear pretty quickly that offering the service to just friends and family would not be enough to keep the prices low and pay all the costs involved in the energy supplier industry. So, our aim is still to offer competitive prices but we now want to offer our service to the wider community with the aim of becoming big enough to cover those costs and make a small profit.
Effortless energy believe in being a good 'corporate citizen' which means that when it comes to the time when we need to employ staff to provide a quality service for our customers, we think those staff should come from our local community and be based here and not in some far off call centre.
Effortless energy also believes in paying our corporate and personal taxes in the UK and not diverting any profits out of the UK through a subsidiary based in an off shore tax haven.
Effortless energy believes in giving something back and we will endeavor to make meaningful contributions, which produce a real outcome, to our community when our business is able to do so.
Effortless energy believe we should tell the truth about what goes into making your energy prices, and will make your bill easy to read so you know what you are paying for.
Effortless energy believe in keeping things simple which means one energy tariff, one payment method and a more straight forward bill.
Effortless energy prices our products so that our customers get a good deal and at the end of your fixed price period we will automatically put you on our cheapest tariff (our only tariff).

Current Tariff Plans

Domestic Energy Tariff