Entice Energy

Entice energy is a new gas supplier based in Mansfield but supplying homes across the country and whilst entice energy might be small; entice energy offer simple tariffs that allow you to make big savings on the cost of your energy bill.
Entice energy thought that if we’re going to simplify your energy tariff, Entice energy should probably do something about the customer services too.
Entice energy approach to customer services was born out of the frustration that it’s just too damn difficult to talk to someone who understands your problem.
Entice Energy don’t have a call centre. Instead, you use Entice friendly messaging system to get in touch.
If that doesn’t resolve the issue, just open up Entice diary and book an appointment for Entice to call you at a convenient time. That means no more waiting on hold and no calls when you’re rushing around the supermarket.
You can even speak to the same advisor whenever you need help. If you spoke to a particularly helpful young man via email, you can choose to speak to the same young man today.

Current Tariff Plans

Energy-Free Fix v11
Energy-Free Saver