Fischer Energy

Fischer Energy brings positive change for customers who value fairness, honesty and loyalty. Fischer Energy offers a simple ‘One Fair Tariff’, to all customers.
Fischer Energy is ‘Powering The Future’ by delivering the fairest and most competitive price they can.
Fischer already has a fantastic relationship with the British public in energy saving heating through Fischer Energy sister company, Fischer Future Heat. Fischer Energy appreciates the frustrations many people can face when aiming for the best deal to power and heat your home. Fischer Energy are in a unique position to provide a complete service that ensures an efficient way to heat your home, powered by an energy supplier that delivers fair and honest service at a competitive rate.

Fischer Energy is a friendly family-run company and we‘re passionate about delivering for you and not-third-party shareholders. Unlike the majority of energy suppliers, Fischer Energy don’t owe investors returns which gives us the freedom to keep prices fair for you.

Current Tariff Plans

One Fair Tariff