Peterborough Energy

Peterborough Energy aims to offer one of the most competitive energy tariffs to local residents. This innovative scheme will help you to make savings on your energy bill and give you access to great customer service.
Peterborough City Council has partnered with OVO, an award winning supplier, to bring you Peterborough Energy. We aim to obtain the most competitive and sustainable energy prices for gas and electricity, and pass this benefit on to our customers.

Peterborough Energy three core values

Energy for Peterborough residents
Every customer gets our best price
Focus on customer service

Why Peterborough Energy?

You can make annual savings On your energy bill

No exit fees on all our plans*

You are free to leave at any time

3% interest reward

On all credit balances**

Award winning customer service

Via our partnership with OVO

*Exit fees are not payable when you leave Peterborough Energy, but you may be charged a fee to switch between Peterborough Energy tariffs if within your fixed term contract.
**Calculated at 3% per year, paid monthly based on number of days in credit and the amount left in your account after you’ve paid your bill. The Interest Reward is capped at 12 times the amount of the current direct debit amount and is available to customers paying by advance direct debit.
Terms apply:

Current Tariff Plans

Energy Fixed
Energy Variable