Pure Planet

Pure Planet is here to help everyone make a difference to the world. As well as reducing our carbon footprints through energy. Pure Planet is a platform to celebrate, showcase, and highlight campaigns for sustainable change.
Pure Planet applauds those making a positive difference. Pure Planet admires their creativity and drive, so Pure Planet showcases things which catch our eye, or need our support.
Pure Planet encourage the UK to adopt tidal and wave generation technology; make us think about the plastics we use - and too often throw away; and call for cleaner, safer air to breathe. You’ll see many more campaigns in future. Join in the discussion in Pure Planet community and take a stand.
We’re proud to show our good for the world
Pure Planet is working towards a number of accreditations, and they’re pleased to be playing their part in helping build an organization that people want to be part of and to help shape.

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