Scottish Power

Scottish Power is amongst the top 6 power companies in the UK.
As an energy provider to over 5 million households and businesses across the UK, their role is to bring you YourEnergy – and that means keeping your home nice and cozy, being there when you need them and bringing you competitive tariffs and products.
Today, as one of the major UK energy providers, they work hard to ensure that they bring you competitive gas and electricity rates and tariffs, as well as products and services that put you in control of YourEnergy – from boiler cover to their remote heating control solution.
But they also want to make YourEnergy go further. From free energy efficiency advice to help you save, to their partnership with Cancer Research UK, they are one of the electric and gas companies UK consumers can rely on to help make a difference. And along side their majority holder, Iberdrola, they are committed to investment in renewable energy solutions; they are a leading developer of wind power in the UK and are dedicated to reducing o they carbon footprint where they can.
Their commitment doesn’t end there because they know just how hard you work for your money. Yes, they are amongst the gas companies UK consumers turn to when looking for competitive rates, but we are so much more. ScottishPower also offers boiler cover so that you are protected in the event of a major malfunction.
From educating the public in ways to consume less power to offering the most competitively priced utilities on the market, Scottish Power is here for you. Explore they website to learn more about who we are and what we have to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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